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HMS Defiance

In 1942, the prototype battleship, the HMS Defiance, went mysteriously missing without a trace. It is now 2018 and the HMS Defiance has been located and an expedition cruiser sent.

You are a member of the cruiser's diving team and have been picked to go down to the cruiser to search the ship and bring back artefacts for study. However, when you are down there, you will trigger mayhem.

Most of the mod takes place in the cruiser and you are one of few survivors as most of the crew have either evacuated or been killed. There are few weapons on board the cruiser, so you will not have a massive amount of weapons.

A prequel to HMS Defiance was released on the 20th December 2008 and improves greatly on the original HMS Defiance.






Aaron Hutton / 8472:
Mapper, 3D Modeler, Story writer, Mod leader, Model animator, Weapon modeler and scripter.

Jack Ryan:
Voice actor.

Casey Mongillo:
Voice actor.

Billy Mitchell:
Voice actor.

Paul Crossley:
Concept artist.