HMS Defiance 2 is a single-player action mod for Half-Life 2.

Take the role of Stephen Cartwright, a mercenary onboard the HMS Defiance who finds himself sent on a mission that becomes stranger and stranger as it goes on.


Unique Locations - travel to the Library of All Knowledge, an old temple guarded by a fanatical cult; Gateway 16, a space habitat whose populace have mysteriously disappeared; and explore the HMS Defiance, a prototype warship built during the Second World War.

A Compelling Story - three vastly different locations connected by an over-arching story. You can delve deeper into the worlds, reading from the accounts of multiple characters, and discover each location's history.

Balanced Pacing - HMS Defiance 2 mixes moments of intense action, with time for rest and delving into the story.

HMS Defiance

HMS Defiance 2 is a prequel to HMS Defiance. It is not necessary to have played the original mod before playing HMS Defiance 2. If you wish to do so, you can find more information here.